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Thu, Mar. 18th, 2010, 09:52 pm
kris_ether: World of Darkness: City of Darkness - Manchester

So I have completed the first few chapters of my fan ebook for Manchester. So now the completed chapters covers the basic history and geography of Manchester, while the next two chapters covers the setting for Vampire, and details all the NPCs for the setting. Next up I am working on my ebook for Changeling: Venice. Right now this stands at two complete chapters covering the history of the city and the changeling setting. So yes... more NPCs. Hopefully along the way  will make all my ST notes for Vampire available and start on the history chapter for Manchester: Mage.


Oh and here is the link for all the Vampire goodness.






p.s. I will update the cover at some point but for now the image above will suffice

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Fri, Mar. 12th, 2010, 05:03 pm
innocent_man: The Show Must Go On Update

So! Last night we played Vampire!

Recall that the characters were going to go and drop in on these wannabes and try to learn more about their mysterious "Patroness." They knew that the "Las Vegas Brethren" group (groupies, really) were getting together Friday night. Thursday, they fed.

Lindsey and Padma went to a club, got some dudes high, and drank from them. Padma, who feed often but sparingly, only took enough to get herself a nice buzz. Lindsey, who doesn't think ahead that much, took a lot from one vessel and the drugs in his blood affected her more strongly. Padma helped her out of the club, marveling at the colors.

John sat the blackjack tables, bought drinks for folks, and helped a drunk person off to feed. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Now, this is cool: Heath, owner of Binion's, has a poker game that, if you're desperate enough, you can get into. There are rumors in Vegas that the owner of Binion's will play you and spot you $500 to start. But he doesn't play for money. Heath played and won, and drained some poor dude nearly to death (but he got medical help, so he'll recover).

The characters reconvened and talked about their approach for the next night. They decided this was (probably) just going to be a simple conversation, not a "bust in and kill everyone" kind of thing. John and Heath decided to go to the apartment complex tonight and scope it. Padma went working the black market and found a dude named Julio who sold her a gun (which she doesn't know how to use, but fuck it). And Lindsey took a twenty to the penny slots to watch the pretty, pretty lights.

See, drugs don't metabolize for vampires the way they do for people, largely because Vitae is stagnant until the vampire does something with it. So Lindsey just stayed high that night.

Heath and John went to the apartment complex. John Dominated some poor sucker into leaving his key in the door and forgetting all about it, and then they sodded off.

Next night, the vampires hooked up and went out to the complex. They brought a bottle of champagne and a shotgun (concealed with Heath's Obfuscate). Padma knocked and, when Lily opened (they heard the "squee!" from behind the door), she hit the mortals with Awe. They behaved exactly like a bunch of teenage girls would tonight Robert Pattison showed up and started sparkling.

The Kindred talked with the groupies a bit, and from their description, the Patroness was an elder vampire, old enough to remember the Revolutionary War. According to them, they gave her blood and partook of hers. Lindsey and Padma fed on the groupies, and Lindsey noted faint (very faint) traces of Kindred Vitae in their systems, but their auras were bright green - obsession. They clearly weren't ghouls, but they were behaving like they were. Odd.

Asked why they were at Bellaggio when Amy died, neither Jay nor Lily could remember. John tried to call up the memory from Lily's mind, but something ejected him (and stripped away some Willpower). John had heard of Devotions that allowed laying "traps" for vampires trying to uncover memories, but that took some skills. He didn't know anyone, offhand, who could do that - maybe the Patroness?

But if it was, why was she allowing these morons to wander around knowing as much as they do about vampires, blabbing about it? Heath speculated she might have help, or that she might be lying about her age, but the groupies weren't much help after that. They asked if the groupies could arrange a meeting with the Patroness, and Lily and Jay seemed willing, but the other male groupie (who kept his composure due to a higher Composure) mentioned that they promised not to bring any vampires to her. They did agree to bring it up to her and try to arrange something.

The characters left. Lindsey's going to see her mentor at UNLV. Padma is going clubbing. John is going to call on Louis Frank (a Ventrue and one of the Harpies) by way of Andre, and Heath is going to go talk to Tolliver.

Next week.

Fri, Mar. 5th, 2010, 10:05 am
kris_ether: Vampire: The Endless Waltz

Vampire: The Endless Waltz

Episode 4: Live by the Sword Part 2

With the silent alarm triggered, Constable Ihram, along with Kane, Thessaly and Dimitri headed to the Natural History display. Kane shifted form, the power of the blood causing his form to contort into that of a large black puma.


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Fri, Feb. 26th, 2010, 05:39 pm
innocent_man: The Show Must Go On Update

The characters woke up on the evening of 7/19/06 and headed up to the roof of the Bellaggio to try and commune with a decidedly hostile ghost. Well, three of four. Padma decided she wanted to go get high before going up there (the stated reason: altering perception would help with seeing ghosts. The actual reason: Drug Addiction Flaw) and that delayed her.

Marconi, Heath and Lindsey bribed the loading dock worker to let them on the elevator. The door stuck halfway closed when they got to the roof, but they forced it and went out. Lindsey activated Auspex and saw a shimmery aura with no body, and figured that must be the ghost.

Amy - said ghost - spoke to the vampires through their cell phones, and she wasn't happy. She named Andre as the one who fed on her, and told them that since then, she'd become tired of being the "extra" to the vampires' pretensions of stardom. She claimed to see vampires wherever she looked, and hated them for just taking what they wanted. Lindsey tried to reason with her, and tried to get her to talk more specifically about what she wanted, but Padma arrived (having charmed her way onto the elevator with Majesty) and stepped out, high as a kite and rather brash as usual, and Amy vanished.

In the distance, the characters saw the Luxor just...disappear. Actually, the lights went out, but at night that's good enough. Remembering that Amy worked at Luxor, the vampires descended the elevator again and went to visit Tolliver at his club. He told them that he'd talked to a colleague about ghosts, and had learned that for a ghost to pass on, they needed to resolve what was keeping them around. For Amy, obviously starved for attention and paranoid as all hell, it probably wasn't anything as big as "destroy all vampires."

But then again, she'd shut down the Luxor. That meant that the vampires who made haven there would be forced out for a time, and that would require them cashing in favors, and that would start a cascade through the Kindred of Vegas. If Amy were to figure out that she could do that kind of thing when she wanted - or worse, if she grew more powerful (and the vampires didn't know if ghosts did that) - she could play merry hell with the Kindred of Sin City easily.

The vampires then called up Andre Sheen and met him at the Grand. After he figured out that they weren't there on official business, he admitted that he'd fed on her, but hadn't realized that she hadn't fallen under the Kiss - if he known she would resist, he wouldn't have bothered. Lindsey, at this point, remembered something her mentor, Cynthia, had mentioned about a Kindred scholar's report on something called "the hunter response," in which a mortal, once fed upon or otherwise exposed to vampires, becomes enraged and paranoid rather than ignoring or rationalizing it. This might have been what Amy experienced, but with no support system, she just went nuts.

Andre told them that he'd appreciate it if they stayed mum about what had happened (the implication there being that he would grant them a boon). He told them that the Harpies of the city had met at the Bellaggio some time back, except for Louis Frank...who was the only Harpy whose initials didn't show up on Amy's list. She must have "made" them there, and that discomfited the characters a bit.

They split up then. Lindsey went to the university and read up on ghosts, while the others went back to Binions and looked up the message board the Jay had given them before. They saw that the posts were from four posters - Jane, Inara, Kaylee and Zoe (yes, the players noticed, though the characters did not) - and that most of the posts were waxing poetic about the trials of being immortal. It read like bad movie dialog, and this confused them - why go to all that work just to fool Jay? Were these people really vampires, or just pretending? Some of it made reference to facets of the Requiem that only vampires would know about, but might that just be luck?

From there, they went to the Google group LVB. Lindsey showed up about then, and used her superior computer skills to track back the posts to find a reference to one of their houses - Lily. Turns out they're meeting at Lily's this Friday. The characters intend to show up and see what these wannabes really know.

Thu, Feb. 25th, 2010, 09:48 am
kris_ether: Vampire: The Endless Waltz

Vampire: The Endless Waltz

Episode 4: Live by the Sword Part 1

It was Monday evening, the 25th of October. It was a cold evening

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Tue, Feb. 23rd, 2010, 12:32 pm
innocent_man: Brainstorming for my chronicle; could use thoughts

I'm on lunch break, my Vampire chronicle is on my mind, and I find that I can type ideas a lot faster (and more comfortably) than I can write them. Notes under the cut, so if you're playing in The Show Must Go On, stay out. Anyone else, feel free to drop in.

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Mon, Feb. 15th, 2010, 11:56 am
kris_ether: Vampire: The Endless Waltz

From the Journal of Dimitri

I don't really know what to write about Elysium the other night. I actually don't remember tons of it... I do remember getting high and bloody with this chick (she was a ghoul, it's totally fine) in the bathroom, before the movie (WTF was that anyway?), and I remember Thessaly freaking the fuck out. Technically, so was I, only 'cause of the coke. I don't think Rain was impressed.

Anyway, we left the auditorium, because some shit or other was going down, and... this is where it gets fuzzy, but the bathroom was full of blood and there was a cellphone, and there was a blackout, and Prefect Arken and some other dude were dead. And Rain was yelling at me (I HATE when he does that).

That bitch, Lauren. I don't know if she actually had anything to do with killing Arken, but she was ready to call me out about my 'deal' (that makes me sound so dirty) with Annabel. Hopefully she was too fucking subtle for anyone else to pick up on it.

It's not like Annabel's even responded to me, and I'm thinking of disregarding the whole thing. Really, what can the Invictus offer me that I'm interested in? I have everything that I want, and moreover... EVERYONE at Elysium was looking at me in the end. Admiring me or not, they know who I am now.

Also... there's Chuck. I don't particularly want to screw him over, given that he had a hand in the incident, and I'm pretty sure we get along... it's different with Kane and Thessaly, in fact I'm fairly certain they don't trust me at all. Why should they? I don't trust anyone either.

So, there's a dilemma. I guess I'll wait to hear from Annabel, if she ever decides to get back to me... in the meantime, I've got things to organise...

Mon, Feb. 15th, 2010, 11:54 am
kris_ether: Vampire: The Endless Waltz

Vampire: The Endless Waltz

Episode 3: Puppet Show Part 4

While the gathered Kindred headed into the cinema to watch the film, the ghouls stood at the entrances of the building providing security.

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Thu, Feb. 11th, 2010, 12:41 am
kris_ether: Vampire: Endless Waltz

Vampire: The Endless Waltz

Episode 3: Puppet Show Part 3


            The PI left the Odeon cinema and headed to his car, while Kane followed in his bird form. The PI drove east out past Castlefield and into the suburbs. Meanwhile Thessaly made a few calls, and on the advice of her sire, Adam Dunkirk, she headed north, in the domain of the Invictus Judex Lord Peter Hawkins, and to the abandoned church to see the Acolyte Haruspex, Michelle Quinn. Meanwhile Dimitri remained at his flat, planning for any possible outcome of his meeting with Annabel Barbican.

            Kane perched atop a house and watched as the PI found a spot to watch a dark and foreboding junkyard. The chain link fenced yard was home to piles of scrap metal, towers of abandoned, rusting, cars. Kane took to the air and swooped over the yard and was immediately hit by a feeling of fear, unease. There were Kindred in the yard. Kane put some distance between himself and the yard, getting a grip over the avian mind that he was inhabiting. Kane then returned to the yard in time to see a car pull in and four people get out. One was easily identified by Kane, it was the platinum blond, Lauren Esten. They were soon joined by three more people from within the yard, and together they began to scout about the yard, Lauren scanning the streets for any sign of other Kindred. Kane took flight and moved away but was soon drawn to the cries of the PI. The spy was being savagely mauled by a large dog, a wolf, and was then apprehended by two of the gang. Lauren Esten looked on as the man was dragged back to the yard and she stooped down to taste the blood from the wound to his arm. Unimpressed they drugged the PI into the yard and into the porta-cabin office. Kane flew closer, once the coast was clear and landed on top of the car and hopped down behind it, transforming. He crawled forward and opened the boot of the car, only to find a freshly drained corpse of a young man, contained within a black bin bag. Kane was confused and once more took the form of a crow and flew off to tell his findings to the others.

            Thessaly entered the church yard and was immediately aware of the power of the location, of the feeling of death and pain associated with the location. She could hear the faint echoes of the screams of those that had died in the flames, of a fire that is now only remembered by the scorch marks on the walls. She entered the church via the western gate, the roof of the church missing and allowing the burnt umber sky to illuminate the toppled pews. Shuffling down the aisle came a hooded figure who recognized Thessaly as the grandchilde of Magus Gregor. He led Thessaly to the north end of the church and uncovered a stone staircase down into the ossuary. Further down the dank cold corridors, past the bones of the dead, was the chambers of the Haruspex. Attended by two members of the Choir, the Haruspex sat in green robes on a roughly made wooden throne. Before her a pool of blood rippled, and about her there was only a few candles for she herself was blind. Speaking softly the Haruspex spoke to Thessaly, asking her of her vision and what had been happening. She gave warning of the Stryx, not of what they are but what they represent. She spoke of the Ordo Dracul, something that the aether had whispered to her, that they would be returning and that a time of chaos was at hand. The Haruspex noted that it was Thessaly’s role to act as guide in these dark times to the Carthians.

            Two days on and Dimitri waited in a pub just near the town hall, and here he was soon joined by Kane, and the Spokesman, Mathew Rain. They awaited for Thessaly, and Rain gave a run down of the members of the Carthians who would be attending, along with his own opinions of them. Rain warned them that they had better be certain the location was secure.

            Together they walked to the cinema and they noted that the gang of bikers had taken up positions to watch the cinema. Inside security consisted of neonates and ghouls of the Carthians, and the main hall of the cinema had been redecorated, with drapes of cloth, tables and chairs and sofas. Light music played and candles added a soft light to occasion. The Spokesman, as Master of Elysium, gave the collected ghouls and herd a dressing down before the doors opened for the evening.

            The first guests began to arrive and they filtered into the cinema. These initial Kindred were some of the least important and youngest of the Carthians, but as more arrived, and the importance of the guest grew, Spokesman Rain and Patrick Falken made more of an effort to greet each of the guests. Clan Prisci arrived, their childer and their own select ghouls and herd. The hall was filling up and the music was barely heard over the chatter of the gossiping undead. One particular guest was more of surprise than any, the Circle of the Crone representative for the occasion, the sensual and eastern looking Desdemona, adorned in gold and Egyptian jewellery that matched her prestige as High Priestess of the Cult of Hathor. Her presence drew the attention of many Kindred in the hall, male and female alike. But there were those who also despised her being there, another sign of the elitism that the Chairman had allowed to creep into his council.

            Finally with much bravo the Carthian Prefect, Simon Arken, arrived. The gathered Carthians applauded him and cheered him, and as his coat and top hat he walked in the throng of Kindred, who parted to form a circle about him. He spoke of his joy to see so many old and new faces gathered together, joined in their brotherhood as Carthians, and announced the pleasure he had of acting as patron of the event and it’s artist, the Daeva, Bethany Eringer. He then called for the Chain to be formed, and each of the Carthians about him formed an unbroken chain, holding the hands of their neighbours. Only Desdemona and Thessaly stood apart from the Chain. They looked on as from member to member of the Chain a small piece of paper was passed, a ballot paper, blank but scorched, was passed about. The Prefect asked for those present to look at and witness the possibilities and freedom of the Carthians and their right to a say in the future of their Clan, their Covenant and their City. With the ritual over there was another round of applause and the Chain was over, with the Carthians breaking up into small groups to discuss and conduct business.

Kane took the chance to approach the Gangrel Priscus, Bartholomew Kollins. The man was a brutish look person, tall, a cropped hair cut with the sides shaved even closer, his clothing functional and typical of a man who worked the streets. He regarded the approaching Kane and looked him up and down, assessing his abilities. Happy with the neonate Kollins greeted Kane, and mentioned that he had heard good things since he first saw him back during Kane’s presentation to the Chairman. He also spoke of his knowledge that Kane had some part in the security in the event, something that Kollins was happy to have happen as he made it clear he was not a fan of either the Constable or the Spokesman, both of whom he regarded as nothing more than lapdogs of the Chairman. He then offered to show Kane the boundaries of the territories of the Kindred, the Gangrel in particular, and that he would consider him in the future for matters of Carthian security and martial action.

Meanwhile Thessaly had gone to approach the grim being that was Nails, the Nosferatu representative amongst the Carthians, and the unofficial Sheriff of the undercity. He was talking to a half dozen more Nosferatu, learning what issues they had and how the Carthians could aid their Clan. The presence of Thessaly intrigued him as he asked her for a favour, that she may organise a meeting with her grandsire, expressing that the Crone and the Carthians had something to gain if the Nosferatu Priscus, Mother Amanda Heath of the Lancea Sanctum, were to be removed from power.

All the while Dimitri just sat backed and watched. He was still awaiting a reply from Annabel Barbican and her master, the Invictus Noble, Lady Kerkoft. But Dimitri also noted that Liza Smith was present, sat with Lauren Esten, both of them feeding on a young man who had been provided for the evening. Liza was a friend of Annabel, at least by association.

Patrick Falken was doing the rounds about the hall, taking compliments humbly, Spokesman Rain was likewise listening in to all conversations and organising meetings before the Chamberlain or Chairman while also offering those who required it an audience with the Board of Representatives. Likewise the other Prisci were listening to the needs of the Clan mates, and the Prefect and Myrmidon were listening to the needs of their Carthians. All the while the pale, auburn haired, Julia Reinhart, looked on. She stared intently at those in power, especially the Spokesman and the Prefect. She sat with her friend, the small oriental woman, Mizuki, and about them were chatting a number of Carthians. Kane spotted this and walked over to introduce himself.

Julia, seeing Kane approach, asked for quiet amongst her followers. Julia greeted Kane, and acknowledged that he had been instrumental in the organisation of the venue. But she also pushed further for Kane’s views on the Spokesman and the Chairman. She warned that with each passing night the Chairman was becoming more a tyrant and that change was coming. Kane was aware of her political goals, for a system of proportional representation, as Kollins had taken the time to give Kane a brief overview of the politics going on. Kollins himself was only interested in the safety of the city and his Clan and nothing more. But Reinhart had ambitions.

The Prefect raised his voice and announced the film was ready to be shown.     

Fri, Feb. 5th, 2010, 04:14 pm
innocent_man: Show Must Go On Update

Lindsey rejoined the group in their haven, and told them what she'd been up to. She went to UNLV (where she's a researcher) and visited her mentor, a professor and Ventrue Invictus named Cynthia Farnsworth. Cynthia mulled over the situation with Amy Stevens with her, told her about an interesting Serbian legend about things called dampir, and mentioned that she'd heard a story about an incident in a goth club called the Attik. Apparently a couple was necking, and someone started asking questions insinuating that the woman was a vampire feeding. She wasn't, but the guy made some comments that raised some Kindred eyebrows. The characters decided to trek out to the club and ask around.

They arrived, spent their Willpower to gain reflections, and found a Mekhet of their covenant named Tolliver. He's the childe of another Dragon named Jamie Opps, and Jamie is a master of the Coil of Blood. Tolliver listened to what they had to say, and told them what had happened on the night in question. There's a seat in the club that remains in almost complete darkness because the lights are rigged to stay away from it, and so he uses it for feeding. But on this night, a woman and a man were necking there, and some guy rolled up on the woman and basically accused her of being a vampire - but wasn't outraged so much as starstruck. Tolliver described him, and he looked a lot like Jay Greene (whom the characters had met).

They explained the whole story to Tolliver, and Tolliver heard the bit about the ghost on the rooftop with great interest. He told them to talk only to him about this unless directly ordered by someone higher up in the Ordo, and advised them to go check out the ghost and find out if it was the ghost of Amy Stevens. He also told them that he'd be happy to tutor them in the Coil of Blood, if they liked.

The characters retired to their haven for the day. Tomorrow night (7/19), they go ghost-hunting.

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